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1979 Ford Courier outside door handle

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Is there a trick or a tool to get Part A out of Part B in order to get Part C off of Part B?


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Part "A" is simply pressed into part "B". Once you get "A" out, "B" can be removed from "C". Sometimes the plastic part (B) gets brittle and will break if you're not real careful. I've used a heat gun to warm the plastic, which can assist in removal. Stu
I don't have a heat gun and the angle it is at, makes it almost impossible to get a screwdriver in there to pry.
Check to see how the rod is held on the other end. Sometimes its easier to remove from the lock assembly then it is to remove from the door handle. Ford always did have a different way of doing things.
And remember, this isn't a "Ford" at all, it's a Mazda.

Removing the rod from the latch is a great tip. :thumbup:

Another trick to getting something like that out if you can't reach it, is to unbolt the latch from the door. Unbolt the handle and then pull the handle off the door pulling the latch up by the rod. Now you have the handle and the rod outside the door and you can have more access to it.

I do that all the time with a lot of late model handles.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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