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Stroked Z28
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The stock system was probably a y-pipe into the converter and back into two mufflers exiting out the rear with dual tailpipes.

You need to answer two questions. First, are you keeping the cat? Second, are you keeping the cast-iron exhaust manifolds?

If you dump the cat & go with long-tube headers, the Flowmaster american thunder system, the magnaflow system, and the house brand summit racing system will all work (depending on your budget & taste in noise levels). With the first two systems you can get an h-pipe & x-pipe respectively.

Most systems don't list that they fit anything newer than a 73 or 74 Camaro. That is due to the cat's. I've spoken with Flowmaster & they say, yup, they fit, but we didn't tell you that...

If you want to keep your manifolds or your cats, I would probably suggest not bothering... As it is, you'll see some improvement, but not a HUGE one (assuming you have a stockish engine).

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the easy simple low cost way and the way im going to do it on my 82 trans am is to take a pair of long tube headers, and a pair of s-curve extension fittings from summit racing
Hedman X-tensions 2.5": HED-18806 : $21.95

and then a couple lengths of 2.5" tubing and a pair of Summit Chambered mufflers 2.5" x2 : SUM-633222 : $41.69 x2

or a pair of force pro series mufflers from jegs which are a 32 dollar flowmaster

these illustrated threads may be of interest by you :D

mw66nova has the answer and best cost effective setup i have seen to date and is how i am doing mine:

im opting to not install an H-pipe on mine at this current time

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i have an81 camaro and i used flo-tech #11100 hedders (cheap)
flowmaster #42542 off/set in center out 2 1/2"
flowmaster mandrel bent 2 1/2" tailpipes
2-hermoff 2 1/2"convertors
355cu.inch mild build 750 holley vac
300/509 (109 lobe )general kinetics cam #cih-302p hydraulic
410 gm gears
m/t #3752r street dot 235/75-15
runs 12.68 all day long
was a real inexpensive car to run street/strip no trailering to track

hope this helps justin
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