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It could be a number of things;

[*] Does it backfire through the carb when it shoots gas?

1) It could either be flooded or the timing has jumped. After cranking for a few moments, open the throttle plates and look for puddled gasoline on the plenum (intake manifold) floor. If there is a large puddle, either the carb float is stuck or the carb bowl plugs are leaking. Make sure you also check the choke and choke pull-off for proper operation.

2) Check static timing by setting the timing mark(s) at TDC and seeing if the dist. rotor points to No.1 on the dist. cap.

[*] Make sure the battey is fully charged. Most ECM's (if you have a feedback carb.) need to read at least 12V for reference voltage for proper operation.

Just a couple of suggestions, but will give you a place to start.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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