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1,971 Posts is where you want to go

and to junkyards

this is a difficult part to find in good condition and even those who have any wont part with them

i have a pair i wont part with as well that i saved from one i junked out, they are in mint condition

too rare to find in useable condition

as are many parts from 82-up f bodies

especially 82 83 84 years


these cars were and are more abused than any other vehicles out there virtually... and most of the parts on them were of poor design already when new, and not made to last this long and are all bad now,, especially if not climate-control-kept.

posting for such things on this site isnt going to help any or at all.

this place is a hotrodders site not a parts locating site and also isnt geared much towards the smogger cars like these.

it looks like all your posts are related to the third gen f bodies and thus that would be the sort of site i would go join to try to locate the help and parts you are trying to locate.

you have picked a vehicle that is very difficult to locate decent parts for, and repair.

you will need lots of research time and money to do anything with this type of vehicle. i have owned many of these cars over the years and can attest to this major problem with them.

even so i still do have my 82 trans am ws7 factory v-8 auto trans car in which i have had now since 2000 and it needs virtually every soft part inside and out because of the poor parts quality and deterioration that is so common to them.

you can buy new ones but they are costly.

this is probably going to be your only bet at this point in time because most of these cars have been shredded by now and not many are left in any condition let alone any with useable/in deman parts still left on them,.
especially the 82 83 84 ones.,

good luck

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malc said:
I don´t see why we can´t help out a fellow looking for stuff.
Very true, malc. The guys and gals around here have come through many times on other things. I'm going to leave the post here as well, even though there was a double post.
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