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1984 Vette Supercharger or Turbos?

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Hey all, I bought an 84 Vette a while back, coming back from Afghanistan soon and Im ready to work on it. It doesnt have the original engine in it, its been upgraded to a 400 small block, and Im trying to see if yall have any suggestions for a turbo or supercharger to put on it. Eventually Im redoing the suspension, putting fuel-injection in it, tweaking the gear ratios, and so on. I want to get the annoying stuff out of the way first. Ie. Fuel Injection and Turbo/Supercharger. I also will be putting a new exhaust system on it when I get back. If you guys have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks=)
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If you will ask specific questions in the appropriate forums you should get some answers. :welcome:
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