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My name is Ross, I'm 18 years old and live in North Carolina. Just this year I aquired a 1985 GMC Jimmy as a graduation present from my uncle. I've had it since last January and it is My Baby! People even say it looks like me sometimes. That is a picture from when I first got it, the white walls on the tires still had the blue on them. (Those were a present from my dad for graduation. :) ) Over the summer I put on a flowmaster 40 series with dual 3 inch pipes out the back and 4 inch (dia.) chrome tips. Sounds like a hoss, and I love it... Also put a K&N airfilter in because word of mouth on it is so good. I'm curious now about what I should do to increase and tweak some more power out of it. Some things I've considered...
Blower, new camshaft (need suggestions on those two), new carb, shift kit, new spark plug wires (second from the bottom). I had more ideas but I forgot half of them.
I'm afraid thats where I run out of ideas and knowledge to do this on my own. Anyone that can suggest and possibly teach/tell me how to tweak out as much power as I can for as little $ as i can, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
-Ross :D

I forgot to mention I also took the running boards off to make it look more like it has a lift. The girlfriend didnt appreciate that to much seeing as shes a bit on the short side, so I have to give her a boost now, but its worth the look. ;)

Most people also ask if it fits in the garage its sitting next to... Most definetley not! I'd have the fold the mirrors in and take off the CB antenna (not pictured) to make it even come close to fitting. Even then, I think there would be scuff marks and holes around the door.
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