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Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of converting a 3/4 tonne truck from diesel to gas, the engine in it was blown when I bought it but I have a 350 gas engine i've put in, wiring is all done and i've finally been able to drive it the first time after a year of minor headaches here and their and a chunk of change xp

Ive driven it around but the TH400 tranny in it is a diesel and its not shifting at all can any one tell me what the problem is? I do have the vacuum hooked up but it doesn't appear to be working, i've read that you cant use a diesel tranny with a gas motor due to shifting differences on some sites and others it says you can but dosnt go into detail how to do so..... can some one fill me in as to what I need to do, my project is done aside from this....not so minor problem x.x

Thanks Randy
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