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1989 Cadi starter won't turn over

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Hi, I have an '89 Cadilac Eldorodo. I took it off the road a few months ago. At that time everything was fine. A few days ago, I found that the battery was dead and charged it. After charging, I attempted to start it and it will not turn over. I checked the battery and it is ok. When turning the key, I hear no clicking from a solonoid. In the time that it sat idle, it was very damp and rainy. Could the dampness have affected something? Is there a relay involved before the starter gets power?

Thanks, Dennis
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Not to be a smarty pants ... but check your battery connections ... clean them real good ... even the one on the cable to the starter if the problems persists ...
Thanks, I will check them tomorrow. Sometimes I look for the more complicated things first. Bad habit of mine.
Thanks for the reply.
My Dads Cadillac had the same problem ... it sat a good bit between driving ( He was 83 ) and it got where it would not start ... Corrosion on the cables ... With the battery low ... means that there is a GOOD possibility the cables are not making a good connection.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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