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This will run your stock tbi engine stand alone.

Click on the option to use there ecm having there chip installed and your transmision.

This removes your factory low oil pressure fuel pump shutoff so a inertia switch is recommended to power the fuel pump relay.

Comes out to $460 plus shipping.

This is a plug and play thing.

You will be left with the steering column wiring, lights, heater and so on not related to the engine.

Call them with questions.

If you dont want the option the carb has been done. I would not mess with a intake at all on tbi heads just use a tbi to carb adapter, large distributior and a return style fuel pressure regulatior.

You can retain the low oil pressure shut off to turn on the relay for 2 seconds then keep it on above 6psi. That is not computer controlled all pressure switch based.
Or install a inertia switch when the key is turned on tk power the pump.

Tbi is a very good system. But i been there playing with 3 or 4 fuse boxes under one hood with wires and switches going to nothing.

If the stand alone is not for you you can buy a entire harness and hook it up to your ecm. But the cost diffrence is going to be minimal with a good amount more work involved.
If you have a manual it is not that horrible but i would still look at the stand alone or carb as a option.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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