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1991 Ford W/w Switch Location Crown Vic

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I replaced the turn signal switch in a 1991 Ford Crown Victory
now the windsheild wipers won't work.
I can't seem to locate the relay.
It's a Police Interceptor Model
Any Ideas or Suggestion?
Thank You:spank::spank: :smash: :confused:
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Both switches are included. It is called a combination switch.

Doc here :pimp:

That relay should be located in the fuse box or convenience center area.

If the wipers were working before the new switch, then I wouldn't think it would be a relay, but something not hooked at the switch.

Doc :pimp:
All wires triple checked, need location of window washer relay.

Thank You Doc!

Could you please help with the exact location of the relay?

There are 2 fuse boxes one on the wheel wall top in the front right of the engine compartment.

Oh boy the electronics, ever heard of a Songle?:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

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oc here:pimp:

Look in both boxes...The relay will be either a square plug in, or a round (old type) flasher type.

BTW, Do the 4 ways work?

Doc :pimp:
Didn't get the switch from Auto Zone, did you? I replaced the turn signal/dimmer column switch on my '88 T-bird, & their "replacement" switch left the bright lights on any time the ignition was on. They said it was supposed to do that. I said BS & got a refund.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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