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ok this has confused me and my dad for a while and maybe you all can solve it for us..
first of all we have already replaces the starter solenoid and the starter..
we have checked that the alternator is charging and it is.
my 1991 mustang i can go out and start it and drive it just fine, i can run the lights the windshield wipers and everything no issue. when i go somewhere and turn the car off.. and then get back in it and try to start it it will act like the battery is weak.. after i get it started cause it will start.. i can drive it home or somewhere else and then get out do what ever and get back in it and it wont start.. if i give it say 20 mins and go back out it will start up.. its almost like when the car gets warmed up and then i turn it off it dont want to restart.. any ideas?:confused::confused:
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