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1993 Trans Convertion To Non-computerized

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What would be a good NON-COMPUTERIZED trans convertion for a 1993 Suburban used for towing mostly. Engine is a 350 with 10:1 comp, RV HIGH-LIFT 4X4 cam (do NOT know the duration or specs(bad me)) Stock TBI/computer, headman headers, 3" low restriction exhaust w/o cat converter, I think it has a 4L80E (that is what I was told it was anyway) now.

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'87-'92 years

you will have to figure out what to do about the computer not detecting the transmission anymore

it will not recognize a transmission
Since your engine relies on an ECM, you may as well rebuild the 4L80E, IMO.

Computers are your friend. :D
what will bolt in varies greatly if the vehicle is a 2WD or a 4x4.

What the PCM looks for in electronic feed-back from the trans is different from a 4L80e to a 4L60e

With the catalytic converter removed , there is a large fine for federal law violation if caught.

good luck with your project
Going to dump the computer all together. The engine is having serious issues with it and I am tired of trying to get around it. That is why I am looking for a good option. As for the Cat and the government, I am in a irratated mood anyway so I shouldnt comment on that. :boxing: And computers amy be our frind, but they belong on a desk, not a truck!!!!!!!!!!! :nono:

Thanks for the feedback to all, I really appreciate it. :thumbup:
.........a built th 350-400 are good options....I'm not sure if a.o.d. trans. need a computer or not.. if you'r gonna dump it and run hei, and carb..why not a th 400..??.. it's a little "old school" but what the hay??
You will need to plan ahead for speed-O operation with the PCM removed as you mention.

Speed-O is electronic on that 1993 vehicle and the computer processes the signal from the VSS on the transmission or the t-case if the vehicle is a 4x4
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