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1996 Blazer 4x4

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Wanted to know if anyone knows if the spindles and rotors off 1987 s10 pick up would bolt on to 1996 Blazer control arms to make it 2 wheel drive as its going to be a winter project It has no tranny or transfercase or front axle but has great body and glass rare in my part of Canada going to make a panel truck like HHR aready have a 4x4 Blazer any help would be great :confused:
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make sure tie rod end holes are in same location

make sure balljoints are same between the two trucks

make sure overall height of the spindles is same

make sure you can bolt the calipers on and if you have to swap them the make sure the hose ends are same on both trucks

i would not think they are the same

one interesting fact i found out a few months when i owned an 85 buick riviera is that the spindles on those mid sized frnt wheel drive cars are the same as the 82 83 84 4x4 s10 pickups and blazers

the toronados as well..

never knew..

and very odd.. haha

try for looking up and comparing parts like this and vehicle applications

i use the site like an interchange manual all the time

and you can sort part results by years as well

good luck
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S-10 ??

The easiest and cheapest way is to get the front cv axles and gut them and reinstall just the ends through the wheel bearings.u can cut the cups off the inside as u see fit. then its 2wd and the wheel bearings wont come apart.

The cv axles hold the bearing and spindle press fit in place,without the axle syub and nut torqued in place the spindle will walk out and it will be ugly.
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