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I'm getting ready to do my firct BC/CC job. I shot some NAPA/Martin Senour CS279 Enamel Sealer over cured 2k primer. Looked great. Then I shot Crossfire base coat over the sealer, and got what looks like cracking or crazing (see pic, extreme close-up). It covered up after two more coats, but of course I don't want my whole car to do this. (This is a test panel). I'm thinking perhaps I applied the base too soon? Tech sheet says 30-60 minutes. I used 60-75 degree reducer in about 63 degree weather. Don't remember how long I waited, probably a bit less than an hour.

I also have a couple questions about shooting the base coat. Tech sheet says:

Apply 2-3 medium wet coats plus a drop coat
Allow 5 minutes flash time between coats
Allow to flash 15-20 minutes before clearcoating
If not clearcoated in 7 days, scuff sand basecoat and reapply

Do I need to do a drop coat? As a beginner I'm not confident it will help. I tried one on a test panel and I just ended up with unwanted texture (I did not thin the paint down any more).

Time between coats: I realize I need a minimum of 5 minutes, but what is my maximum? Air dry times at 70 degrees are:

Dust Free 10 minutes
Tape Free 15-30 minutes
To Apply Clearcoat 15-20 minutes

What do these terms mean? Minimum time before you can expose it to dust or tape?

I'll be painting outside when fairly cold like 60 degrees, I will most likely use the 60-70 degree reducer since the tech sheet says to go one slower if doing multiple panels, which I assume means I better wait longer between coats?

When I do my first base coat, should I do a light dry coat without full coverage, or should I go straight to medium wet as the tech sheet says?

Thanks for any help!
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