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Rod...from a Chrysler?
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I have a guy that wants a 200-4r to replace the 6" tail TH350 in his 77 corvette.
I understand the mounts are at different locations, just wondering what other surprises may jump up.
Anyone know if the crossmember can simply be moved back?
Wiring and stuff I'll have no problem with.
How about the shifter linkage?
Any tips appreciated.


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When you get under there remove the small trans support bracket. Use it as a door stop,paper weight or sell it on ebay you no longer need it.

Now just use the crossmember the 2004r will bolt right up to the center holes.

There is no diffrence between a thm350 or a thm400 crossmember.
The only diffrence is the 350 and muncies use the small support bracket.
If you have a thm400 and are doing this swap you need a yoke from a thm350 corvette
For the shifter you can get a conversion kit from shiftworks it's the easiest. Or get a shifter out of an 82 corvette but you need the shift lever and shift cable retainer off the trans.
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