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Hi All!!
I have a 2002 s-10 blazer. I want to make the Interior a little better by adding an overhead console. I purchased one from ebay and now I want to install it. I have found other posts on this subject and they have answered some questions on wiring it but, I have a couple of questions 1)Where do the wires run to under the dash? Are there connectors already in there for an overhead console option? 2)If connectors are already there would it be easier to get a harness from a salvaged blazer and just connect into the connectors and not cobble them? If this is the way to go can someone suggest a good salvage yard that may have one? I live in Wisconsin and have called several and they all sounded like I was asking for the moon.... am I? any help would be greatly apprecated! I am stuck at this point as to which way as to which way to proceed. Harness or hand wire.
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