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Im having problems with my 05 ford. There is something telling the fuel pump to stop running. My buddy is a mechanic and I had him put his computer reader on it and it said there was a problem with the fuel rail sensor but he said it shouldnt be shutting off the pump. He also said that the role over sensor could be gone too (but how would that go if it wasnt rolled?). Im leaning toward a sensor myself because when the truck is freshly started after sitting a few hours it runs fine for 15 minutes untill it heats up. ( I just put a pump in today because I was also told that was the problem)

If anyone has a clue or has heard of this happening b4 to someone please help!!! Ive been struggling at this for 2 weeks now and I cant afford to take it to a dealer at $125 an hour.

Any Advice will be greatly appreciated

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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