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First question: My 06 Express Van doesn't seem to have much engine braking. Is that something that is part of the software, or something about the hydraulics? Is there a fix for it? I don't need anything crazy, but it just seems to drop RPMs off-throttle a lot more than what I would expect from the normal TC stall/slip.

Second: Am I correct that the 1-2 shift is controlled by the servo, the solenoid, and the valve it controls? My 1-2 shift is sluggish. You can feel it start the shift, then it sometimes takes a second or so for it to "settle" into second. No other slipping and the RPMs don't flare, but I gotta think that the 2nd clutches are taking a lot of extra heat, especially when towing the boat (3500 lbs-ish). Important side note... I've never noticed the delayed shift happen when in tow/haul mode. I'm just trying to fix it while it's still a valve body/servo issue and before it's a fried clutch issue. Right now it feels very much like a hydraulic issue and not a clutch issue.

I've been considering a valve body/shift kit anyway, so adding a corvette servo would just be a small bag of quarters, just wanted to be sure that I'm barking up the right tree. Thoughts?
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