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Hello all! Had an interior question about a 2008 Shelby. I posted it on the GT500 forum that I'm on, but I always get good feedback on here, so I figured I would put it out here as well.
So I have a 2008 Shelby GT500 with the sagging door panels. I've read all the post and understand that this is a common problem. My question is not about the repair, but the panel itself. I've decided to get a roll of alcantara leather or perforated vinyl upholstery and just cut out new panels. My plan is to remove the old foam padding and glue the new panels directly to the door. My problem is I cannot find the name for that shade of blue. I've called the dealership and they say that the blue trim interior is not showing in their system. So my question is does anyone know what shade of blue that is? Since that same color blue is on my seats, I want it to match.

I have the old panels that were sagging. They're not damaged at all, but the problem is I used goo-gone on the back to remove all the old foam and adhesive, so now the back still feels a little oily. I've tried everything but I cannot seem to get rid of the oil feel and I'm afraid because of that, the adhesive may not stick to well to the panel. A friend of mine said the oily feel was not the goo-gone, but just the smooth feel of the vinyl. I'm not sure of that. Any suggestions?

I order a set of the Coverlay panels, but after receiving them, I didn't care for the look.
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