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I'm starting my 28 Hiboy project using Brooksville body and ASC rails with Model A front & rear crossmembers. I've spent a lot of time reading about Vern Tardel's work Before I do any cutting or welding. I paid close attention to Vern's suggestion of making the front cowl panel flush with the rails and also the width of the frame at the front of the rear Model A crossmember to be 40 inches.

I realize 28/32 combinations are not an exact science, but I don't want to make a mistake in setting the foundation that I would have to live with later on.

I'm still unclear as to body positioning FRONT to BACK. I would think what you would position the center of the body's wheelhouse ( center vertical rib) with the 32 frame rearend centerline (as it would be on a stock 32). When this is done, it's hard to get the frame width at the cowl and rear crossmember the same as suggested above.

If you slide the body forward about 2", the cowl and crossmember measurements are closer to those suggested, but then you don't have as much clearance between rear axle housing and bottom of frame rail and you would also be eating up engine compartment space.

I was hoping soneone might be able to tell me a relative body placement measurement as it relates to the front cowl (either at the
extreme front edge or cowl side panel face front edge) and the hole in a stock 32 frame at the firewall, that has the notch. On the ASC rails it should be the second hole from the front. Any other relative measure you could suggest would be helpful.

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