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289 build

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Any ideas for what parts to use to build a fast but street-legal 289?
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welcome back. How is the monster 289 performing?
327? AFR 165 cc heads flow more than 250 cfm so that answers the hp potential.
be realistic with power you want and budget you have. If money is not an issue then 393 looks good
I think its a pretend build? He asked about 271 hp heads and when I talked about flow numbers he was more than confused

Rods my buddy raced a 63 falcon with a 390 in it. Tough fit like you say.
what are you expecting from your 88 longbed xlt 150?
around 1 hp per cubic inch is very daily driver friendly. A long ways from original post. Trucks are better suited to torquey engines
fyi; a Windsor is a fairly easy swap. A 393/408 are common sizes
1 - 8 of 39 Posts