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289 build

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Any ideas for what parts to use to build a fast but street-legal 289?
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ok so i have a sbf 289 that curently needs rebuilt i want to rebuild that engine and make at least 450 horsepower
i live in blacksburg virgina
welcome back. How is the monster 289 performing?
haha hasent been pulled outa the good ole 65 yet
i mean whould i be better off just building the 302 in my f150 to begin with ?
hm interesting thanks for the input:)!
its going in a 88 longbed xlt lariat f150
so i want to sound good and be respectable fast wile still maintaining the ability to be used for work on an reaguler basis
i think im gonna sell the 289 to build the 302
i might just slap on a turbski and send that mf
1 - 13 of 39 Posts