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This is a annual event that happens in Grand Rapids, MI on last weekend of August (27/28th). The girl is turning 18 this year.

This is a massive car show where you can cruise east to west down 28th for miles finding cars on each side of the street. This event brings out thousands of unique cars and hundreds of thousands of people. This draws cars from other states and is always a great family event that will have you drooling over some ride you may never see again.

Being so close to power tour and drag week this year on top of all the 2020 builds that were not shown last year I expect a larger then normal turnout.

The hotels around this event will accommodate trailers if asked. But the closer to the event the less rooms will be available.
If your going to drag week (Martin,MI is 20 minutes south) then coming out the weekend before to attend this event will let you beat the crowds that will be going to that.

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