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I am building a 71 Ford Bronco. It has a 73, 302 Block. I had a rebuild done by someone else. The motor is now 307 ci. I have all stock autolite parts including a 2 barrel carb. I think the timing should be @ 7 degrees BTDC, correct me if im wrong? I am unsure of the RPM's at idle, I think it is 900 RPMs correct me if im wrong? I am blowing water droplets out of my exhaust, Why is this happening while the truck is running. I am wondering if my Lean, Rich is incorrect? How do I dial in that puppy. I think I have everything else going well, the truck starts, runs, but need to work out my bugs. Please help me if you can. I am running headers, which are slightly hot, increasing my motor temp some, gonna try to have them ceramic coated for increased power, and decrease heat. This should help, my control the heat around my motor, Right?
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