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So I picked up a ’66 Mustang last month. It needs a lot of work but I have a guy nearby that’s going to do all the body work for me. So earlier today, I was out in my shop looking over all the parts he gave me to include the two engines. One of them was a 302 and the other was a inline six(200). The guy who sold me the car said the 302 came out of a ’93 Mustang but you know how that goes. I’m not sure where the inline came from because the car was originally a 289 car. Anyways, I spent about five minutes searching the passenger side of the block looking for the casting numbers with no luck. I looked on the driver side and there it was 7 F1SE. I've never seen a casting number in that location. So after doing a little research, I believe it was a 5.0 HO out of a mustang. My question is how does the F1SE block compare to the E7TE block?

I’m hoping this engine is in pretty good shape, but I have a feeling it may need some major work. The exhaust was on backwards because the previous owner was supposedly planning on putting a turbo on it. There is no oil filter on it and all the plugs are missing. To be on the safe side, I’m going to squirt a little oil in all the spark plug holes, put a filter on it and put some cheap plugs in there just to close it up. Hopefully when I turn the crank by hand, I wont hear anything bad.


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E7TE and F1SE are sort of both date and application codes mixed together, but not exactly as simple as you'd think initially.
"E" is decade, 1980-1989
("C" is 1960's, "D" is 1970's, etc)
"7" is the year of that blocks last engineering revision....not just a single year block, I think that block was used clear until the 1991 revision you have....Ford did not change this number every year, only the year a change was made to the block.
"T" is Truck application
"E" is Engine Division

You have "F1SE"
"F" is 1990's
"1" is 1991 year of this block revision
"S"....I'll let you dig that one up online, I don't recall offhand...
"E" is Engine Division.

Your block is 1991 or have to search further ID traits to know exact what year.
If it is a 5.0 HO it is a good solid foundation.

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The fact that it was remanufactured, means that the components are a mystery until you open it up. With it showing up as a T-bird, chances are that it wasn't a HO. It should have had an OEM roller cam, but stock profile was pretty tame, no loping. A HO would have had tie plates on the main bearings as stiffener. If it came out of a 93 mustang, it was probably replacing a HO engine, someone bought a long block and changed cams and installed the crane rockers, and put on a carb intake.
A 93 would have had port injection from factory. IT is probably a .020- 030 overbore.Cylinder head chamber and valve size would be more a determining factor as far as HP potential.
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