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I want to sell my project 31 locally, but don't know what to ask. What is the going price. see my info: 1931 all steel body and frame. The body is chopped & sand blasted, ready for minor body work and primer. Rear decklid is louvered. I have the steel (filled) roof insert, but it isn't welded in. Rear glass fenders. 32 radiator grill & shell.... The original frame has been backhalved with 4130 aircraft tubing, narrowed, tubbed, brackets installed with 4 link suspension. Framework was done by Kenny Kissinger. Narrowed strange axles(35 spline) w/15x15 rear and 15x4 1/2 front weld aluminum wheels. Other stuff too, but I just need a general idea of what it's worth. thanks for your input...
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