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I'm the webmaster at The Polyspherical Engine Association, which is pretty much just a run-of-the-mill personal web page over at GeoCities.

If you're running a 318 Poly and need info, here it is:
Polyspherical Engine Association

(Don't confuse the new site with the old site: - It's still up, because the password was lost to time. Bummer - it gets more hits! )

People ended up asking me all the time where to get parts, so as I found 'em I compiled a list of sites. Bob Asay actually started the site, and I used to answer tech questions there, until we lost touch (I got married, had kids, etc). Recently I asked him if I could update it a bit, and Bob greenlighted me, so I did (and added more businesses that sell Poly parts - they may as well be in one place online, and that may as well be the site to do it on).

I know a lot about 'em, and can help answer questions. I also post a lot at:

The 318 Poly Yahoo Group:

And this 318 Poly message Board::,6.0.html

Also, I just updated the Poly Business Directory at the Polyspherical Engine Association so folks can find what they're looking for. Some moderators may ask if I own any of those businesses - the answer is no - nope, no way (not that cool).

The Yahoo group and the forum were started for the same reasons, although they're a little more conducive to interaction.

I push manufacturers to manufacture parts from time-to-time like I personally own every Poly in the World, but that's just because I'm passionate and want more parts to be available. Why should we be "Ugly Ducklings"?

Let me know if I can help!

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