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32 hi boy ride

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Hi everone I am the deucedr I have 32hiboy I have not driven for two years my question is any ideas for a smoother ride it has been sitting since back injury all of 600 miles would air bags work on rear onl
y? also a bike rack for early stingray bike. thx
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Hi,i think the airbags would soften the ride for you,if you dont use a lot of air pressure,are you planning to use the bags in conjunction with springs?if so,i would use very weak springs. :)
without knowing about your current set up, we could only guess as to what you could do to soften your ride..
Thank you all for your help
The TRADITIONAL way to improve the ride is to reduce unsprung weight. Lighter tires, lighter rims are a start. I have a aluminum center section in both my 32's. It saves almost 22 pounds ... right off the rear end. I have a aluminum driveshaft. You only save half the weight but it helps.

Spring rate and the angle of your shocks also play a important role in the ride.

I have a fabricated rear suspension under my 32's. The car rides on coil springs ... and rides very nice.

I was very weight conscious when I was building the cars. I also have aluminum heads, intake, a 9 pound starter.

DEUCE ... Moderator :thumbup:
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I have Air Ride Tech suspension in the rear of my TCI stage III chassis. This is a combination of an air bag with an adjustable shock inside of it. You can use a small on-board compressor (no tank needed) to adjust height when you have to. Due to the light weight of the highboy you would most likely have to set the rear on the lightest setting but that would come with driving it over various road conditions.

The biggest obstacle is the air bag is larger in diameter than lets say a standard coilover and will contact the rear end axel tubes which is a BIG non-no :nono: You will have to fab up some spacers and longer grade 8 bolts to gain clearance. When I first set mine up I didn't like the long bolt going through a 1.5" solid steel spacer to the axel bracket but it had no other bracing to keep this long bolt at a true 90 deg. I'm no engineer but it just didn't look right or safe to me. I fab'd up a gusset that I had tig'd to the long spacer and then it bolts to the axel bracket......hope that makes sense.

Also the only reason I used the air ride is I'm building a '32 replica F/glass Victoria and if I had rear seat occupants I want to be able to set the ride height where it still has "the stance" but won't rub the Brookville fenders. Here's a few pics to better explain..........


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I I love you I may be back in my car because I know it the brotherhood of the street rodders is great I cannot believe this website I want I want to say thank you very much all of you for the great answers
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