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i have a motor i bought the casting is 3932388 by the casting it says its a 350 from 1969 the suffix code on the head deck of the block reads T0221HV
T= totwanda ny, 02= feb , 21= day hv= 1965 vette 350hp 327, heads are 3932441 ( 327 or 350) 194 heads. after hours of reading online there is no 1969 350 with the suffix as this one. what the hell is this motor.
PS this motor was sitting for over 25 years in a barn unmolested original carb and intake as well as original heads. I AM STUMPED PLZ HELP!!!:confused:

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yea it comes up as a 350 or 302 heads are 3932441
Garden variety 76cc heads. For an inexpensive street build....

My best advice, don't try to build a hot rod with those heads, build a solid street motor.....
Use these pistons....
Summit Racing® Hypereutectic Pistons SUM-17350-30 -
These head gaskets....
Fel-Pro Head Gaskets Q7733SH1 -
Will make 8.7:1 static compression ratio with ~78cc heads.
This cam...
Melling 22109 -
New, stock valve springs and new stock seals will work great.
Use your stock cast iron intake manifold to mount a Quadrajet.
This carb...
Summit Racing® Remanufactured Quadrajet Carburetors SUM-210216 -
1 5/8" long tube headers with an X or H pipe before the mufflers.
Intake valve closes at 21 degrees ABDC @0.050" tappet lift. Dynamic Compression Ratio will be 8.17:1 and the motor should run very happily on junk pump gas and make good torque from idle to 4000 for a strong grocery-getter using the stock converter.

I know you didn't ask for a combination, I just can't help myself.
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