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'34 3 window door handle question

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My passengers side outside door handle is loose after I close the door. It has a new spring and is tight when the door is open but flops down when closed. Funny thing is it doesn't do it all the time. Some times it is nice and tight, but most of the time is flops down. This is a steel car. Any idea why this would happen?

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Latch bolt (pawl), is not engaging the striker all the way, when the door gets shut. When the latch is not fully engaged it's not letting the mechanism in the latch pull the doorhandle back up.. Try a little wax lube on the striker. Look to see that the latch bolt is not hitting the doorjamb or the striker is worn to the point of having a little ledge on it. I've seen the striker on an angle in relation to the striker bolt, so that it will engage fully sometimes, and not engage others. You can check the angle by smearing a little paint on the striker and shutting the door a few times, see if you have a defined line where teh latch bolt slides behind the striker.

Try lubing up your dovetails as well, wax stick works well for that too. Sometimes those get sticky and won't let the door shut all the way.

Hope this helps,

Later, mikey
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