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350 Cam Options??

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Hey Guys/Gals

This is what I have.
350 SB ('74) , Bored 30 thou over, Decked 20 thou, Stock Crank. Stock Heads

It will be going into a bagged 69 Chev longbox, with 700r4 Tranny(possible a 4l60E) 2000 stall- attached to 3:73 Gears in the rear.
I have an 87 TPI taken from an 87 camero, but unsure if I want to install it onto this engine(still require the ECU).

What I need to know what type of cam will give me a good pull off the line. This truck will be out at the drag strip every once in a blue moon. No towing, strickt street truck.

Any help would be appreciated

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if you're not doing any towing I would say put a little cam in it (lol, a 268 comps would be good!) and a bit of a stall. A roller cam would really benefit you, as would a set of heads that are designed to take advantage of a torque/bump setup like yours.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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