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I am building a new engine for my car. This will be a weekend driver/strip car. I have a few choices of combos, I am wondering which one would be the cheapest and still yield decent power. These will be on a chevy 350 4 bolt main with a 270H magnum comp cam (270dur .470/.470 lift) performer rpm intake, accel ignition, and uncapped headers to accomodate the even duration cam.
Combo #1: '75 350 stock pistons with (58cc)5.0 HO heads from an 84 camaro.
Combo #2 Same engine with 1996 (65cc) swirl port heads.
Combo #3 11.93:1 pistons and 882 heads

I already have the HO heads and the swirl port heads. Any set that I use will be port matched to the intake and headers and polished.
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