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Here you go:

Kickdown cable, connected near the dipstick tube. This runs up behind the engine on the opposite side of the engine from the distributor. So it runs up the drivers side of the vehicle and connects to the throttle on the carb.

Dibstick tube, runs straight up the back and a bracket bolts to one of the bolts that connnect the tranny housing to the engine.

Vaccuum module, looks like a liittle space ship and is near the output shaft of the transmission. The line runs overtop of the transmission and to a vacuum port. I have my port on the intake.

Speedometer cable comes straight from the frame rail to the tranny.

Vent Tube, ontop of the transmission off to one side is a small tubed openning. This should have a breather on it. If it doesn't go out and buy a section of rubber tubing and connect that on there.

Shifter cable, should loop around the top of the transmission and come back around to the gear selector on the transmission(recommended for 5ft cables by B&M)

Thats pretty much as detailed as it gets without showing step by step in pictures. If you have any specific questions on any of the parts fire away. I may have missed some details so please anyone else feel free to follow up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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