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351 cleveland with angled valve heads

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i know,too many projects,but you see, i got started on this late in life.okay, here goes,comp. cams roller rockers onfactory 7/16 studs.ordered for this application.bottom of polylocks appear to be mushrooming out,studs appear to be getting worn by the rocker.rocker feels like there is noticeable movement from side to side on the stud!are there stud girdles available for these heads?how much higher is valve train if so?[ihave tall covers].thanks,jimm
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One question if you don't mind;

These are screw-in studs, right?
howdy kultulz!yes they are boss351 studs.thanks for your interest,jimm.
Just a suggestion;

CompCams offers the following advice on their roller rockers.

Using the wrong size polylocks will cause bearing failure in the trunnion. Ensure that the rocker arm body clears the polylock throughout the cam lift cycle.

Roller rocker arm trunnions always have one side with a flat around the hole in the center of the trunnion where the rocker stud is to stick through. This flat should always face up when installing the rocker cover over the stud. Also, be sure that the bottom surface of the polylock mates squarely with the flat on the trunnion, and not at an angle.<hr></blockquote>

I would check this first, then coil spring bind and finally valvetrain geometry (ascertain that the correct length pushrods are being used. It seems to me that the failure is not due to valvetrain flex, but something in the assembly.

There are girdles for the 335 Series and if you decide you need them, get back. Interestingly, FORD Motorsports at one time made a combination rocker cover/girdle. Nice looking piece.
Yes they do make stud girdles for the 351c heads and roller rockers. I am not sure what company makes them but my friend has a 302 with cleveland heads and the exact same combo. He has roller rockers and a stud girdle and it works fine for him. If you already have tall valve covers you probably wont need to replace them. But you DO need tall valve covers.
kultulz,thanks for the leads!will check everything on list.polylocks came with rollers from comp. cams, maybe there ok.back at you later,jimm
mustang66maniac, thanks for the input!do have talll!covers,jimm
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