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Alright, where to begin... I bought a 68' Cougar and I'm in the process of restoring it. I'm done rebuilding the carb, which was a 570cfm holley 4150 street avenger. Not sure how old. Gave it a nice polish job. Had 54 and 64 jets in it respectively. The engine has a 360 Offenhauser dual plane mani.

The guy I bought the car off from told me the engine had been magnafluxed and hot tanked, bored .030. Has an aftermarket cam and pistons. He doesnt remember any other specs. I am going to disassemble it, get it hot tanked again and mag it so im sure that im not building on a bad core. What I want to do is snag some 4 barrel quenched heads 70-71 (if you have some let me know, unless you'd suggest aluminum aftermarket with heart shaped dishes) put ferrea s 6000 vales in em and do the port/polish machine work myself and stroke the motor to 393. Replace the dual plane mani with a single, perhaps edlebrock torker and a 650-750cfm 4 barrel demon carb if my holley can't back up what I want. I'm thinking of going with a custom grind, Isky can do that for me but I need numbers. The specs are along with the 393 at #2 on the list. I'm tempted to stick a supercharger on it (I'd love to go with wipple but 5 grand and it seems they only like GM/Chevy motors.)

I am aiming for an automatic. What I want out of the car?

0 to 60 in 5 seconds or less.
Quarter mile in mid 13s but no faster than 10s.
Power in the 2,500 to 3,500 rpm and peak at 6,500
Anything above 400 at the wheels and I'm happy but I'd like to keep it below 650

For the cam grind I'm -thinking- .500-.600 lift .520-.630 exhaust. 200*-250* intake/210*-265* exhaust @ .050. 105 to 110 LSA and intake ground at 105 to 108 centerline. It's a very vague estimate from what little I've learned. Like I said I need help here haha..

1 7/8th headers are suggested on a different forum with exhaust pipes at 2.5

Uhm.. I'm sure i'm missing a lot like rockers, rods, cranks, pistons but I'm hoping you guys will fill me in on that and I'll learn something in the process. I was thinking of a di****ype piston. Okey dokey... here goes!
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