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I bought an 81 bronco with a 351m in it and have a 400 in a 77 f-250. Was wondering what the difference was and if my headers for the 400 will fit the 351m. Or should I scrap the motor and start fresh?
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Everything will swap right in.

IIRC the bronco has a split front axle and the 77 F250 has a straight axle. So the oil pans, oil pickups and headers may be different for each application, but if they are, they will swap between motors with no problem.

Your accessory drives may be different also.

The 351m and 400 are virtually identical as far as bolt patterns, engine dimensions, etc. The only diff is stroke and pistons as far as I know.

Hope this helps,
Thnx it is a big help. I want to fit the headers on there but I wont have much room on passenger side. It is pretty tight. I dont want to start taking things apart til I am certain it willl work
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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