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Hello again I am back for some more assistance since you fellas do so well with that, I am begining a new build and am wondering the HP and Torque numbers possible out of this combo and if it is a good combination.... I have 010 block, .030 over, stock crank and rods, flat top hypereutectic pistons with 4 relief cuts, 291 double hump heads 64cc chamber 2.02/1.60 with minor flash cleaning nothing major, stock springs and rockers, voodoo cam 60101 .454/.468 256/262 112 lsa, torker ll intake, 500 edelbrock and 1 5/8 full length open headers. I am unsure of the CR at this point but I will be using the fel-pro gasket set. Also it will be in a 77 monte carlo figure 8 car, turbo 400 and 3.73 gears probably around 4,500 lbs.

Thanks for any input......

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