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355 sbc

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Hey guys i just finished my first rebuild on a sbc 350 and am not getting the kick i want from the start this is what i have going in my 87 olds cutlass supreme 350 turbo stock 7.5 rearend

350 bored and honed .30 over
lower end balanced
flat top hypernuaetic pistons
Alum dart pro 1 heads 180 runners 64cc 2.02 intake 1.60 exh
victor jr intake
4150 Holley 650cfm double pumper
3 inch headers converted down to 2.5in true duel exhaust droped before axel
comp cam here are the specs.

huges 2,500 stall
summit HEI setup cd box, distributor, coil and wires.

any suggestions?
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What do you mean by now getting enough "kick"?

Based on your CID and 180cc Dart heads, my thinking your cam has too much duration. A 230/236 is best in a 383 or larger CID engine. What that does is move the power band too high in the band and without a lot of rear end gear the engine will feel soft down low.


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That cam is a little big for a stock rear gear, but not too terrible. You can move up a little on the gear later after your rear end explodes. I'd go with a RPM intake over the Vic Jr. though, the Vic Jr either needs more cubes, or more gear to make it shine. Be sure to check quench distance- it'll have a big effect on power and tuning.
These cars typically have 2.41, 2.56, or 2.73 gears. Change them to something 3.42 or better and you will be a lot happier with the off-the-line performance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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