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I am working on a 36 Buick Roadmaster, a project that has gotten way out hand, and I want to install a pair of Prowler headlights in place of the ugly original lights. Has any one ever gone thru the process of adding these to their projects and if so what kind of problems did you incur? After obtaining the lights, I find that they are much wider (inside the panel) than they appear from looking at them from the outside. Very misleading, you don't just bolt these on! What kind of mounting bracket or plate did you have to fabricate to mount them? I also see that they have a little more curve in them in relationship to the hood panels they are to be put on/in. How did you match the curvatures? Were you able to use the original outside structure of these lights (the part of the light housing containing the clear lens) or did you somehow have to create your own? Any and all information on mounting these lights will be greatly appreciated.


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