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I'm in the info gathering stage of building a chassis for my 37 chev. I'd sure like to get it right the first time so thought this might be the best place to get some "been there-done that" advice. From talkin to other owners, I'm gettin MII or S-10 front end and ford 9inch rear or maybe lincoln 8.8 rear. Would S-10 rear work as well I don't plan on any trips down the quarter-mile or anything. Just want plenty of room to go with different tire options and stock fenders.

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You may wish to look at a complete S-10 chassis..find one that has the later 4.3 as that is a nice motor..The 10 bolt chev rear will work..not as popular as the 9 inch for various reasons but works well..

I think your body may just set down on the S-10 chassis..of course you woudl want to find an S-10 and get out and under with a tape mesure and do some checking to see just how it all works out and fits..Probably will need to do some body mods to get it to fit just right..


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I had the same idea last year when doing my brothers 37 sedan. He had a complete s 10 rolling chassis. There would be a lot of floor butchering to do. Also the front upper a frame was going to be a problem where the hood side panels pinch down real narrow. We used a rear end out of a 70 chev. II. And went with a must. kit. on the front. Then used the s 10 frame on an older ford pickup.


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