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37 Ford Grille

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I need to puchase a '37 Grille so that I can fit the fenders & hood. The original is too damaged. I would like to use a steel grille and possibly get it chromed. Any advise on the best place to buy one would be appreciated !


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I just found an after market grill on ebay. All bolt and mounting holes match with fenders and it looks like the original. follow the link below.
forgot to add, I bought one and it fits real good
I purchased mine from Dick Spadaro. I'm sure all of these repros are the same, and he was the cheapest ($250). Decent quality, but I don't know if it would be good to chrome. It is rather thin, and the whole thing is pretty flexible.

It's good to see other 37 Ford guys. Mine is my first project, and I am learning as I go. I always have questions that are pretty specific to that model, but I don't know anyone to ask. Are you guys seasoned pros, or are you in the same boat as me?

What is a seasoned pro????

I have a ;37...been working on it past five years and have hopes of showing it
[although not really show material] this June in Pueblo Colorado. Will try to send pic but am not expert at this.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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