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Would I be better off to sub frame my 37 sedan or upgrade the orginal front end?if so what up grades are there?
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37 chevy

Also what about the rear end should I change it out ? if so what is a good one to use ? power brakes? new set up for under the floor or on the fire wall?
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I have a 38 chev, when I bought it I didn't know what or how I was going to do it.
It's not that hard to take the body off, made doing the chassis easier.Body floor and frame were sand blasted and epoxied. I used a TCI mustang 11 type kit.Kits are nice, all new parts. I went with power steering, but now regretting it, the cost for hoses, PS bracket,pump, pressure valve etc was about $500, have 1300 mile on the car and the rack leaks. It's easier to steer but still too quick.
I firewall mounted a stainless PS booster and chrome master cylinder, used a GM pedal, try to find one over 16'' long. I don't mind to look, so much real estate on a firewall, but I didn't want any holes in the floor for MC or pedal.
Rear spring , I used chassis engineering kit with a GM 10 bolt rear axle ( all I found of right width and was cheap), I see lots of cars with orignal springs, so if yrs look good and money is an issue use 'em.
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