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383 chevy combo?

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Looking for opinions on my motor. The car is a 32 ford 5 window with ford 9" with 3.50 gears and muncie 4 speed. The motor is a newer roller block 350 with 383 rotating assembly with 9.7 compression. I am leaning towards the AFR 180 or 195 heads. My cam choice would be either the 276 of 282 extreme energy roller. The intake manifold that I have is the new edelbrock performer rpm dual quad with their carbs. Is this combo a good choice with either head or cam any suggestions welcome. Any guesses on horsepower/torque thanks
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Right out of the gate I'd say 195 AFR's. Cam choice is all dependent upon your intended usage, IMO. With the 4 speed you are not limited so much as w/an auto and conv. Not sure how you based your CR without a head cc, but head choice, chamber etc will affect cam choice too. Didn't look up those specs, but something around 230°-240° [email protected] and like 110 for decent street manners... If it was mine I'd go with more dur (240°-250°) and maybe like .500-.550 lift on a tighter maybe 106 - solid flat for me. JMO
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