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383 stroker????

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hey guys.. first time doing this soo lets see how it all goes

im 17 and just bought a 78 camaro... my unlce gave me a 383 stroker motor for it i want to compleatly rebuild it.. i dont have the slightest idea of what to do.. it has a turbo 350 witha shift kit, 373 gears headears flowmasters... i want to build this 383 for more tourq and some decent times at the track... im not to familar with round top pistons. vrs. flat tops. or roller rockers... i just dont know what i should doo.. any suggestians... member im 17 and in high schooll i got a little bit of money to spend...
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Do they have ******** in Washington state ? I was under the impression that ******** were a Southern thing.:rolleyes: I AM from the South. :D

Seeing how you admit to knowing nothing about building a engine ( that's a big the right direction ) I would just enjoy the Camaro and save some MONEY $$$ up and find someone to help you. Someone who has done this before.

I have helped younger guys (and 1 girl) to build their first engine before. For free..........they just paid for the parts. They in turn helped me with things around the shop that required two people or a extra set of hands/eyes.

As a Moderator here............I welcome you to our happy little place on the NET.

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