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383 stroker

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Hi everyone! just joined the HBB.I'm building a 69 El Camino w/ a 383 stroker.The problem is this- it runs great until 4900 rpm and then drops off completely- the dyno operator said it was getting some kind of valve float.up until that point it made 275 rear wheel horsepower on a mustang chassis dyno. he checked timing and it was 36 degrees,fuel pressure is 6psi,carb is holley 750 and was not running out of fuel,ignition checked is my setup: 383 stroker,9.5:1,speed pro hyperectic pistons,comp cams xe 268H cam-477/480 lift,1.6 roller rockers,dart pro 1 heads-64cc,edelbrock rpm air gap,holley 750,msd 6al,hei w/ 50,000 volt coil. any help would be greatly appreciated.

oops. sorry. I'll get it right next time.
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what was the lbs of t. and at what rpm?
sounds like it is at the end of its power band, remember strokers are built for low end not high end, mine puts out over 510 ft lbs of t. at 3800 but falls off after that it runs @ 350 hp at the same rpm range, to get more hp you need higher running cam and better breathing heads, strokers like to breathe, really breathe
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