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383 template pan rail

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Looking for a template to use to clearance the pan rails on my 350 to make room for stroker changes....Probably a lazy man's way, but I am short on experience.....
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Hi, :welcome:
Welcome to Glad to have you with us

You should wait until you get your kit, & test fit it, also If you use cap screws on the rods you might not need to grind(clearance)
any, & if you do it will be a lesser amount, is your block a one piece rear main, if not I would try & use (get) one
as they are less prone to leak plus it's a roller cam block 87 & up mixed FT & Roller, 96 up all Rollers.
I'm running a one piece seal stroker 383 with Scat cap screw rods and didn't have to cut the pan rail to clear. But had to grind the rods just enough to clear the cam.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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