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3m finishing products

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I used the 3m finishing products. compound, polish, and hand glaze. My question is the hand glaze a wax/sealer or what is it exactly. Do I need to wax my car after applying the glaze? Thanks
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Usually "glaze" is a water-born product, that won't last. But, you don't want to use a real wax until your paint has had plenty of time to cure. That's what the glaze is for, to offer some sealant until then.
thanks for replying. What would a good sealer be for after its cured? Something that will last longer then regular wax which wears out after a few washes or super hot days that breaks it down. I've seen those sealers where you can seal it and last for months but it seems like those too good to be true type items. I need something real
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