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4-link or ladder bars

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I am building a 79 malibu for the track but will still be street legal. I'm going to be running in the 8's in the 1/4. Im trying to figure out which is better , running a 4-link or ladder bar setup. I have heard from people who like both. any help would be appreciated.
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Ladder bars are less street friendly, they will bind the suspension over uneven ground that causes body roll, even enough to lift a tire off the ground in extreme examples, like turning into driveways and parking lots. Both will provide a good race launch, but the 4-link is more adjustable and doesn't bind during body roll.
something turning 8's on the street??sounds cool,, i just hope you don't have to drive down any freeways,,or else you are gonna have to own your self a gas many mpg. would you get??? 3or4??i'm betting like 2 mpg...
You'll get better value if you go with a four link and you'll definitely have more adjustment. I was also informed that if you run a four link setup, you'll need a anti roll bar setup where as with a ladder bar setup you won't.
I had a 68 Camaro that was 100% street driven and I used a ladder bar setup without any troubles, but then again, it wasn't a 8's car either....
Call my buddy from S&W Racecars and ask him what he would advise and maybe you can get a good deal off of him at the same time. His name is Don Scholl 1-800-523-3353 X-112

x2 on S&W being good stuff, it is what I use.
4-link is better then ladder bars any day...If you want to get into the 8's..Don't waste your time with ladder bars.. :nono: Go with the 4-link.. :thumbup:
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