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400s.b. est hp

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i have a 400+.30 with edelbrock alum. heads flat top pistons9.75 comp.ratio my cam is 234-244 at.50 .488-510 lift. 5.7rods i have a edelbrock torkerII intake and a 750 vac.secondary holly.i'm putting it in a 77 datsun 280z with a turbo350 trans. 2800stall 3.48 gear the car weighs 2640 what kind of performance can i expect any help is greatly appreciated
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Sorry, i wouldnt want to guess, but it sure sounds like a fun ride . Have fun!
I had to guess at the cam (my dyno asks for valve events, not duration) and also the exhuast (I went with small tube and mufflers). This is what I got: 414 hp @ 5440 and 439 tq @ 4480

I would guess high 11's with slicks <---just a guess!!!

The Vandal
My dyno program gets 394 HP and 369 TQ. These numbers are low for what you could get just by going to a little bit bigger cam (400's like to breath) and replacing the Torker II with a Victor Jr.

For et I get 11.79 @ 114 for the 1/4 mile
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