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You say bracket racing: How fast are we talking?

Normally for something in the 400 or above range for sBC, i would definitely go aftermarket. However, since you already have a 400 block---which i assume is known to be in good condition, then this changes things. But still all depends on what bracket you want to be in???

i think GM has recently stopped offering the iron bowtie 400 block(baffling), but still has the aluminum which is about $6000..........

So, normally i would want an aftermarket or GM perfomnce block for a 400/400+ small block build. This is because it takes time (money) to search for a stock 400 block. And what if, after you find one, you discover it's cracked and now you can't use it. All that time (and money) wasted and you have to start over.

With an aftermarket block, say $2000? or so, not only do you know it's good to go, possibly more importantly, you know it's high quality and you can flog the crap out of it and it won't be a problem.

NOTE: This is just my opinion, and i'm not an engine person.
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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